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Buying a new car, for the most part, is exciting and makes driving to work more enjoyable. When you purchase the vehicle, you will make an agreement with the seller that you are providing payment for the vehicle and in turn, they provide a vehicle with all the details. It is also implied that your vehicle is in working condition.The Lemon Law is there to protect buyers when they purchase a car. In California, the Lemon Law offers protection to the consumers for goods which are bought or leased for personal use or for being used by the family or at the household. This law applies to most consumer products except for consumable products such as: fruits, vegetables, cosmetics, OTC medicines, and clothes. In California, the manufacturer of a product must either refund a customer for the defective product or must replace the product. The product should be under a warranty.

It is in place to let the buyer know that they are protected from scam for at least the first year of ownership. At the Braff Legal Group, we know that if you have purchased a vehicle and start to experience issues with it shortly after, you will ultimately have a case regarding the Lemon Law in Menifee.When you do have a vehicle that breaks down, you will want to find a lawyer that has the experience to address this type of issue if it arises. The Lemon Law can apply to cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RV’s as well.

Protected Vehicles

Vehicles you can find covered under this law will need to meet the following:

The warranty issued from the manufacturer is transferable in case you sell the vehicle and therefore will cover the vehicle whether it is new or used. The duration of the warranty will differ on each vehicle. Most of the warranty will run out within a three-year period or when mileage reaches 36k miles.

Protected Defects

The Lemon Law has specific guidelines regarding the defects that qualify for the Lemon Law:

The repair attempts include the time between the vehicle purchase date and the defect. A reasonable number of attempts would depend on what exactly is wrong with the vehicle. Typically, the vehicle would need to be worked on at least twice before it happens again.

What Is ‘The California Lemon Law Presumption’?

A motor vehicle is considered a lemon if it has met any of these conditions:

If one of these three factors play a role, then the vehicle could be considered a lemon. The burden of proof will then shift to the manufacturer. If your vehicle meets these factors, you will need to provide the necessary paperwork to your attorney at the Braff Legal Group, and our attorney will then know what to do to get you the results you are looking for.

Protect Your Lemon Law Rights

Let’s face it, the auto industry is a huge business and has been for many years. It is normally represented by a large law firm that is ready to defend them at a moment’s notice. It is important that your case is handled by attorneys that have the experience in working for individuals who are pursuing the Lemon Law. You could represent yourself if need be but why take the time out of your already busy schedule to determine if you have a case or not. The fact is, if you had your vehicle in the garage for repair more than twice for the same issue and it’s still not repaired, you need to speak to one of the eminent lawyers at Braff Legal Group.

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Christine WatsonChristine Watson
07:18 14 Feb 23
l searched for many personal injury attorneys for my case and finally found the perfect one. They were very understanding and were really happy to answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend them to anybody that is looking for a personal injury attorney that truly cares about the client.
Patricia CorrellPatricia Correll
07:32 13 Feb 23
I would highly recommend Braff Law. They dealt with all of my concerns and legal issues in a very professional and timely manner. I felt like I was in great hands the entire time, and knew they were going to do whatever they could to help. I will be sure to recommend them, and Braff Law as a whole to anyone needing legal assistance in the future.
Karen KeenKaren Keen
06:55 13 Feb 23
Braff law office is incredibly amazing, they have such an amazing team. I am beyond grateful for all the hard work they have done. The attorney is very professional, knowledgeable and hard-working. He is very professional, extremely friendly and has gone over and above to make sure how I am feeling.
Wendy DavisWendy Davis
08:08 10 Feb 23
Great Service, the team are very experienced, helpful and make the injury claim process simple for their clients to follow and understand. A friend at work recommended the Braff Law Office to me and the outcome has been great. We are ever grateful.
Kenneth FurryKenneth Furry
08:01 10 Feb 23
The team was so helpful, professional, and kind. They keep you informed throughout the whole process and made the experience very smooth. Any questions and concerns I had were handled with care and compassion. Thank you to everyone at Braff Law.

Why Choose Us as Your California Lemon Law Attorney?

At our law firm, we know that anyone who is seeking legal recourse for a lemon is already annoyed by the amount of time they have spent with a vehicle in the garage. The experience will be a memorable one. Our lawyers at the Braff Legal Group are going to need to see proof of what you have been through and then they can begin building their case against the manufacturer.

You will want to prepare yourself for the trial. In many cases, the Lemon Law is going to be long and drawn out. You will most likely have some questions and we will be happy to answer them for you.Sellers may receive an offer to swap the vehicle they are driving for another one of equal value, they may receive cash instead, or another offer that may involve both money and a vehicle.

Our Menifee lawyers with experience in representing clients in the Lemon Law will need paperwork from each visit to the dealership to repair the issues, as well as any phone calls that occurred regarding the defect of the vehicle.There are a multitude of key aspects that must be considered when you plan on filing a case for lemon laws in Menifee. Call us today and let us discuss your case.

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