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You may be thrilled when thinking about riding a motorcycle, and racing with the wind, and may purchase a motorcycle to live out this dream. However, your beautiful dream will turn into a nightmare, if the motorcycle repeatedly experiences mechanical problems that reduces its usefulness, safety, and value. The motorcycle may start spending a lot of time in repair shops in this scenario. If the motorcycle fails to function properly despite being repaired by a certified mechanic multiple times, then you may have purchased a ‘Lemon’ vehicle.

If this is the case, then it’s the right time to contact our experienced Motorcycle ‘Lemon Law’ attorney. The Braff Legal Group handles a variety of Lemon Law claims. That’s why we extensively know about California’s Lemon Law.

We are not afraid to engage in a legal battle with defending attorneys in order to recover a justified remedy for our clients. Our only objective is to protect our clients’ legal rights as a consumer, and to ensure that they are properly remedied for their financial losses. 

We can provide you with the legal assistance if:

The manufacturing company of your motorcycle is responsible to compensate for your losses in this scenario. We will fight to protect your legal rights and won’t stop until recovering sufficient remedy.

Are Motorcycles Protected Under the Lemon Law?

In California, an owner of a motorcycle with a manufacturer’s warranty receives protection under the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. However, the law that covers an RV, motorcycle or a boat is slightly different than the Lemon Law that would cover an automobile. Motorcycles are protected under the Civil Code Section 1793.2(d)(1) which also offers protection for consumer goods.

Therefore, motorcycles, RVs and boats are regarded as ‘consumer goods’ according to the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, or the California’s Lemon Law. Consumer goods are covered under the ‘Lemon Law’ if they:

If these conditions are met, then the manufacturing company must either repurchase the motorcycle or must repay the customer. The manufacturer has the liberty to determine if they want to fulfill their obligation by repurchasing and replacing or by repaying the customer. Therefore, the rules of Lemon Law are slightly different for motorcycles in comparison to the cars.

When you have a Lemon motorcycle

It is not necessary for the defect to substantially impair the safety, value, or usefulness of the vehicle since motorcycles are regarded as consumer products. This is another difference. In Lemon Law claims concerning bikes, the number of days a bike or motorcycle has spent in a repair shop is an important point to consider. It is usually higher in Motorcycle Lemon Law claims, and the safety issue with the bike is an important issue in this scenario. Therefore, you need the assistance of expert Lemon Law attorneys, in Menifee, to recover a sufficient remedy for your losses after buying a Lemon motorcycle.

If you have a ‘Lemon’ motorcycle, then we will represent your legal rights as a consumer and ensure that you recover a justified remedy for your losses from the bike’s manufacturing company. The Braff Legal Group always tries to settle a Lemon Law claim through negotiations with the lawyers hired by the manufacturing company. However, we are not afraid to file a lawsuit against the manufacturing company if our clients are not satisfied with the terms of settlement. We dedicate our time and effort to ensure that our clients benefit from our service.

How Can the Braff Legal Group Help Your Case

However, we need our clients’ help to win a lawsuit or to settle a claim with a satisfactory remedy. To be remedied by the motorcycle’s manufacturer, you must prove that the authorized repair shop failed to repair the defect despite multiple attempts, and the bike failed to function according to the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. You also must prove that the bike has spent many days in a repair shop if you want to recover a remedy for your losses.

Therefore, you must collect as many documents as possible in relation to the repair of your motorcycle. You may or may not receive the ‘Repair Orders’ from the repair shop. So, you must create a timetable of the repair attempts on your own. It enables the Braff Legal Group to analyze the merits of a claim, and the possibility of recovering remedy through negotiation, or the possibility of winning a lawsuit. You can also help us by recording the incidents when operating the bike.

The Braff Legal Group also need to review the Manufacturer’s Warranty and the documents provided during the purchase of your bike. After reviewing these documents, we can determine if we can pursue an additional claim, separate from the Lemon Law claim.

What to Do If Your Motorcycle is Lemon?

Be Careful – Riding a motorcycle with a defect is more dangerous than driving a car with a defect due to the lack of safety features. A minor defect on a motorcycle can cause a fatal accident. If you believe that your motorcycle is a Lemon, it is important to contact the Braff Legal Group., Our Lemon Law attorney, in Menifee, will handle your case as soon as possible.

Keep an Eye on Mileage – According to the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the owners of a motorcycle are allowed to file a ‘Lemon Law’ claim:

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Thelma LinseyThelma Linsey
18:01 19 Oct 23
Hey, my Highland peeps — do yourself a favor and hire BRAFF LAW FIRM if you ever get hurt on the job. Workers comp only goes so far. But my lawyer and case manager got me a heaping settlement for my accident in the warehouse. The company even put in new safety measures because of this. Hopefully I never bust my shoulder from a forklift again, but it’s a great feeling to know Braff has your back 🙂
Susan RossSusan Ross
17:44 13 Oct 23
Hey, my Highland peeps — do yourself a favor and hire BRAFF LAW FIRM if you ever get hurt on the job. Workers comp only goes so far. But my lawyer and case manager got me a heaping settlement for my accident in the warehouse. The company even put in new safety measures because of this. Hopefully I never bust my shoulder from a forklift again, but it’s a great feeling to know Braff has your back 🙂
Hallie MichaelHallie Michael
19:01 22 Sep 23
You see other people get in motorcycle crashes all the time but never think it’ll happen to you... until it does. When a truck ran a stop sign and wiped me out, I knew it was going to be a long siege ahead. Eleonora Zeltser from Braff Law Firm came to my rescue, won my case and got me money beyond my wildest dreams. Braff is the best in Highland, no two ways about it.
Alan RyderAlan Ryder
17:49 20 Sep 23
Outstanding and fast results — that’s all I can say about Mr. Dunaev’s team at Braff. I thought time stood still when a car crossed lanes and rammed me head on. Luckily my injuries weren’t worse, but my car was a write off. Thankfully, Braff got me full damages for everything, I’m nearly recovered, got a new vehicle 🙂 I’d hire them again in a second.
Christine WatsonChristine Watson
07:18 14 Feb 23
l searched for many personal injury attorneys for my case and finally found the perfect one. They were very understanding and were really happy to answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend them to anybody that is looking for a personal injury attorney that truly cares about the client.
Patricia CorrellPatricia Correll
07:32 13 Feb 23
I would highly recommend Braff Law. They dealt with all of my concerns and legal issues in a very professional and timely manner. I felt like I was in great hands the entire time, and knew they were going to do whatever they could to help. I will be sure to recommend them, and Braff Law as a whole to anyone needing legal assistance in the future.
Karen KeenKaren Keen
06:55 13 Feb 23
Braff law office is incredibly amazing, they have such an amazing team. I am beyond grateful for all the hard work they have done. The attorney is very professional, knowledgeable and hard-working. He is very professional, extremely friendly and has gone over and above to make sure how I am feeling.
Jessica WrightJessica Wright
08:07 11 Feb 23
The most straightforward part of the process of dealing with the aftermath of my car crash was dealing with Braff Law and their excellent staff who kept on top of everything. They were incredibly helpful and got me the best outcome possible.
Wendy DavisWendy Davis
08:08 10 Feb 23
Great Service, the team are very experienced, helpful and make the injury claim process simple for their clients to follow and understand. A friend at work recommended the Braff Law Office to me and the outcome has been great. We are ever grateful.
A Google User
A Google User
08:08 10 Feb 23
Happy ending alert” Congrats and thanks to Elan from Braff Law Firm for the sensational work on my injury claim when I got blindsided by a Volkswagen. The driver left me in a crumpled heap on the sidewalk, but Elan managed to track them down and made sure they made good. My message to all joggers in Lincoln is that if some crazy driver hits you, you are NOT alone!
Kenneth FurryKenneth Furry
08:01 10 Feb 23
The team was so helpful, professional, and kind. They keep you informed throughout the whole process and made the experience very smooth. Any questions and concerns I had were handled with care and compassion. Thank you to everyone at Braff Law.
Jude PottsJude Potts
01:36 25 Jan 23
I was in a public transit accident and was really struggling to deal with the aftermath. Braff Injury Lawyers helped me get the compensation I needed to cover my medical bills and make up for lost wages. Oliver was my lawyer and he was fantastic - he was always there to answer my questions and made sure I understood every step of the process.
Mike RodriguezMike Rodriguez
19:37 17 Jan 23
I was nervous about hiring a personal injury law firm, but Braff Legal Group made the process so easy. Lior was my lawyer and he was fantastic. He always had my best interests at heart.
Juan diazJuan diaz
22:09 03 Jan 23
I was in a motor cycle accident and my family encouraged me to hire Braff Lawyers. I'm glad I listened to them because Braff law was able to get me a fair settlement. Thank you to Lior for handling my case
Robert XRobert X
18:52 05 Dec 22
I heartily endorse Elan from Braff Law. He and his colleagues provided me with service that went above and beyond what I expected. Always considerate, made sure I was a part of every decision-making, and made sure I understood every step. He has worked tirelessly on my case, and I am really appreciative of it.
Scott EastScott East
06:51 22 Dec 21
I was very happy with this law office's help and support. They were very professional and addressed all my concerns. Their communication was excellent, gave great advice, and was always trying to get me what I deserved. They were empathetic and cared a lot about what I was going through. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Therefore, you must do the following tasks as soon as possible if you believe that your motorcycle is a Lemon:

Is your bike having ongoing mechanical problems that certified mechanics cannot repair? Contact the Braff Legal Group  now!

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